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Wabi Sabi

Out of all the shops in shopping centers- I can spend hours in bookstores. Waterstones this time 🙂

I was drawn to a book titled ‘Wabi Sabi’ (Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life) by Beth Kempton. I love how the book emphasis on how easily we are dragged into this rat race of perfection and success, wanting more, comparing our lives to others on social media and being trapped in a ‘jealousy bubble’. The book highlights the importance of choosing simplicity over complexity, calm over busy and to accept the imperfections of life and embrace the passing of time with grace and gratitude.

I wonder how well we teach this concept to our students? How can we implement such meaningful life lessons within our curriculum? Such teachings can also promote student wellbeing and self- awareness that will benefit our young people in their future lives. 🙂

Connected this concept to my own faith - as always. Two verses from the Quran stand out…

‘The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion’ 3:185

‘So where are you going’ 81:26

Definitely a thought- provoking read.

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